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Reflecting Beauty from Creation

Artist Crystal Newton paints fine art pictures for your home or office.
These paintings, typically watercolor, acrylic and occasionally in oils, are timeless reflections of the wildlife, horses and landscapes from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Painting Auction!

Opening February 1st, an auction to benefit the Kampala Children’s Center in Uganda.
Click here for details

Uganda Leopard watercolor painting

Equine Expressions
Paintings of Horses

Admiration for working equines and the drama of harness events takes center stage (or the center of your wall) in Crystal’s fine art paintings of horses.   The strength of Draft horses, the speed of a racing Thoroughbred, or the grace and agility of the artist’s own Arabian horses make their way into your heart via canvas, paper and paint.  Click here to enjoy a gallery of Crystal’s horse paintings.

Big Game and Small Details

Not everyone gets a chance to view elk, deer, mountain lions, antelope, foxes and other wildlife in person.  Even for those who regularly explore vast areas of the Pacific Northwest, those heart-pounding experiences wildlife viewing experiences can be few and far between.  Crystal captures moments from nature for your enjoyment in paint. View wildlife paintings here.

The other family member
Your dog, cat, bird or horse portrait

It is quite common to see paintings of a families children, great aunt, or grandmother… but don’t forget those other members of your family.  Whether feline or canine… Crystal paints pet portraits to hang beside your fireplace, or along the staircase just like the rest of the family pictures.  Click here to find out more about commissioning a painting of your pet.

Painted Scriptures
Bible Calligraphy

Finding inspiration from the Bible, Crystal paints pictures reflecting the truth combined with words.  Calling this type of painting “Eternal Truths” These paintings are calligraphy, but they are also pictures.  A rare combination aimed at providing inspiration and reflection.  See a gallery of calligraphy paintings here.