Fleet of Foot

  • We had a fun day at the Joseph City park the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Our son was playing with some people there and I happened to notice their cute dog.  This small dog was carrying a large frisbee... and it was obviously proud of the toy!  When I asked the owner if I could take the dogs picture, and asked the dogs name he told me that the dogs name is "Bowser" and it was his birthday!  Happy Birthday Bowser... you are adorable! 8 x 10 original acrylic painting, on gallery edge hardwood board.  The edges of the board are painted, so that the painting does not need a frame.  Ready to hang.
  • If you have ever heard an elk bugle, you are one of the privileged.  The sound sends shivers of excitement up my spine every time I hear it!  This little paint was a lot of fun to complete...  it is only 4" x 4" and the painting extends over the edge of the canvas... so no frame is needed.   Bumpers and hanger attached, so it comes ready to hang.  A perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman or hunter.  Custom paintings similar to this available.  Contact Crystal for details.
  • I hope you get out into the fall colors to see some elk.  Watching the bulls, hearing their bugled challenges to each other remain vividly inspiring long after your adventure.  11 x 14 Original Acrylic Painting on canvas paper.  

  • 9 x 12 Original Waterpainting
  • 24 Daggers


    Two evenly matched bull elk fight it out. Neither is willing to give way to the other, in spite of antlers sharpened to daggers points ...  Ferocity and strength pour into the duel with 24 dagger in the fight.

  • These two Belgians are waiting patiently for plowing to begin.  Their thick winter coats, not yet shed out, insulate them, keeping the snow from melting, until they start working again.

  • When we lived near Seattle our family would go up to the Lynden area every year to watch a fabulous plow meet.  The teams were groomed and harnessed and then the competition began.  The winners expertly combined horse power, equipment and driver to plow the straightest most even furrow.  The smell of freshly turned earth, the powerful animals and the fresh morning air was invigorating and inspirational.
  • The drama of competitive driving events is marvelous.  The teams race around obstacles, splash through giant mud puddles and awe the spectators with the skill of the driver, horses and grooms.  The powerful teams are so beautiful.  Even the mud, splashing up on everything seems above the ordinary.  While I named this painting "The White Team"  I rather doubt they looked very white by the end of the competition!
  • Life is good in Joseph Oregon.  This buck was enjoying his apple dinner so intently that he hardly noticed my presence.  I thought he was beautiful... though I could sympathize with the Joseph Oregon gardeners and orchard owners who have been feeding him so well all summer!   This image continues around the edge of the painting so there is no need for frame.
  • As a kid, I often went walking in a meadow on my grandparents farm on Alder slope. One day, hearing an odd noise, I sat down on a log and waited. Pretty soon two fawns popped up out of the grass in front of me only about 10 feet away.  I'm not sure who was more surprised, me, or the fawns.  Have you ever surprised a fawn?
  • Deer Grove

      Shortly after leaving Enterprise, Oregon when headed toward La Grande on the left side of the road is a grove of trees that always catches my eye. It is not big, and there is nothing about it that should make it stand out from any other similar grove of trees. But I always look at it... wondering what might live there. This painting shows my imagination of who lives there.
  • Watching video clips of amazing racing athletes, such as Man O War, Secretariat and California Chrome inspired this scene of an early morning workout - just at the break of day.